Hi, I'm Katie.

Hello, my name is Katie de Graaf. I am 16 years old. This past week I completed the Rock Paper Scissors Company Jr. Entrepreneur Program.

I worked on making coffee, attending meetings that ranged from business related topics, to how to give a firm handshake. I also, wrote quotes for a few projects, worked on making the RPS Co. website, writing this blog, sending emails for deposits and reminders, planning workshops, eating freezes, organizing, and hanging the RPS Co. sign! As well as I created bright and fun advertisements for RPS Co. and posted them around the city and volunteered at Food 4 Kids Hamilton.

Kelly and Andy made me feel welcome as soon as I walked in on the first day. Being at the Studio was an experience that I will never forget. I will forever remember the laughter, seriousness, and kindness, of Kelly and Andy. Getting to spend a week in their studio is an opportunity that you don't come across every day, and something that I'm so glad that I got to do. Their co-workers, such as Papa Den were funny, and kind. Scout, the dog, was always following me, and making me laugh.

On one of my days here at the Rock Paper Scissor Studio, I finished all my work early, and got to go next door to Yknot Woodturning. While I was there, Papa Hugh taught me how to wood turn a piece of wood, into a bowl. I got to use many different tools that I had never used before, as well as I learned about different parts of the tools and machines, such as the Flute, and I got to bring home an amazing one of a kind bowl.

I got the amazing opportunity to Volunteer at Food 4 Kids Hamilton. Along with Kelly, we were asked if we could buy pasta, and of course we said YES without knowing how much we would actually get. So on Wednesday, we set out to go buy many bags of pasta.

At first we filled 2 shopping carts to the brim. We then soon realized that we could buy way more than 2 shopping carts full, so we filled up a third. In 2 hours, we got 17 different kinds of pasta, with a grand total of 247 bags of noodles! When we went to drop off all 247 bags of pasta at Food 4 Kids, they were in shock with how many we bought. Although it was a lot of pasta, I enjoyed every minute of it.

For lunch, we got something amazing and different each day. On the first day, we went to 541 which was yummy, and I learn't about how you can purchase buttons to put into a jar, so that people who can't afford food can go to 541, and use the buttons to purchase a meal. We also ate lunch at the Cotton Factory, we ate Nellie James turkey burgers, and curry chicken from Vibez. We also ate delicious sandwiches from 2 amazing places that I forget the names of.

Part of the Program was working on my resume. During the resume meeting with Kelly, we talked about sentence structure, cover letters, what a employer looks for, and reference letters. Kelly helped me make notes on how I can fix my resume, and make it better than ever. As well as, Kelly took the time to write me a reference letter. By doing this I am more prepared for a job than I have ever been.

After this Busy, Fun, and Amazing week, Kelly asked me what I would miss about Rock Paper Scissors, and my awnser was "EVERYTHING". In particular, I will miss Kelly, Andy, Papa Hugh, and Papa Den. The jokes, and all of the things that made, and still make me laugh. As well as, the meetings, learning opportunities, planning, the cat bean bag toss that I got to paint, W