Cabin Fever.

Captain's Log:

Day 12.

March 25th, 2020

The world has begun to build its walls around us, we are confined to our homes and have had no physical contact with the outside humans.  Today, Andy said to Kelly “it’s Tuesday right?” Kelly replied,

“It’s Wednesday…”

Andy - “I swore to myself it was Tuesday.”

As you’re glued to your phone, laptop or television (don’t lie, we aren’t judging you, everyone is seeking and grasping for answers through the media) we thought it would be a good time to get back on the horse.  Not Kelly, funny enough she continues to be weary of the species, even though annually she continues to move herself into horse farms and ranches across the globe. The owner always says “just relax, they will be calm if you are calm…” as Kelly stiffens from the shoulders, up the neck and clenches her jaw at the site of an adorable pony while she reaches her hand outward for the creatures approval, which she rarely receives and then asks if there is any heavy lifting that needs to be done.  Kelly and horses is a story for another time…

We haven’t written in a while, it’s been quite the year.  Many things we share on a daily basis, as we decided from the start that our brand would be us, who we are and what we do, not what we make.  That way, you, our cherished followers, can continue to join us in our ups, our downs, our adventures and our ever-changing creations and creative, artistic adventures.  We don't’ shy from honesty, we don't mind if you see us messy, tired, broke or hauling bales of hay in France… we are who we are, and that's what Rock Paper Scissors Company has been, and always will be.

As we sit here at home, spending time together, not overly concerned about the school closures, or the job losses, life seems pretty normal for us at the moment. We are together constantly, we are about to celebrate our 10th Anniversary, and have spent a total of 7 days apart from each other and had one 5 day trip away from our girls.  We are together, that is who we are, and gearing up to take the girls out of school in May for our annual volunteer program abroad has us already prepared for the early closure. We are grateful that we’ve built our life and most of all our company around our family, our togetherness, and our children, who are welcome in every part of our life… well… you know what we mean.

So, here we are, happy, working, home learning, in love, educating, cooking, cleaning, smiling, laughing and… ah, yes, making a Plan D. over morning coffee in our cozy little home.  Kelly took a taxi home from a girls night in Burlinton a while ago, when the driver turned down our street she pointed and said “The littlest one on the block” to which the driver replied “in Egypt where I’m from we have a saying, the smallest home on the street has the biggest love inside.”  We aren’t going to lie, we have the biggest love and the smallest home.

So, last you heard, we’d returned home from Saint Martin de Frenesay, our home away from home.  We send photos to our family in France almost daily. We talk all the time, and share our life adventures and dream of a day we will pull up that driveway again and run into each other's arms, and then sit down at the harvest table and eat ALL. THE. FOOD.