5 Ways To Help While Feeling Helpless

All we do is help... and we've had to close our doors.

Are you stuck at home and feeling helpless like us? How can we support our community while being confined to our homes?  There are over 1300 children in Hamilton alone who rely on nutrition programs at school for their daily meals, and our beloved Food4Kids who work tirelessly to support those children by providing them with food to get them through the weekends.  So while you are wondering how you’re going to balance an 8 hour work day from home with three children suddenly in need of “lessons” and hoping your marriage can survive the sudden isolation… they are wondering where the teacher is who pushes the cart every morning with the bananas and granola bars on it… That teacher, well, she’s at home desperately trying to get up enough energy to shower through her heart ache, while attempting for one second to stop thinking about all of the children she was unable to feed today.  We see you, we see all of you, the stressed, the worried, the scared, the overwhelmed, the hungry, the homeless, the population of domestic abuse victims globally locked in their abusive environments, even the content introverts and empathetically, the small business owners. We see each other, but we have lost the ability to help as simply and naturally as we are accustomed to. So, we turn inward, get creative and find new ways to help while feeling helpless. Here is our personal locally compiled list of 5 ways you can help this community or any community for that matter, from inside the comfort of your own home…

Here Is Rock Paper Scissors Company’s

5 Ways To Help While Feeling Helpless:

1. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: We all know our favourite restaurants have closed their dining rooms, we know they are offering take out and delivery both through third party drivers and services.  We have all had the time to read the updates, the shares and the posts. Yes, we can still “go out for dinner” from the comfort of our homes, but are we truly considering what this means for the people on the other side, or are we still just after that quick, convenient and comfortable last minute fix?  Here in Crown Point over the past four years, I don’t think we can begin to count the number of restaurants we’ve seen come and go. First, that abandoned shop gets paper in the windows and we point to our partner as we drive by “Ohh, something new is coming!” Time goes by, we watch workers come and go from the newly installed door and then the whispers begin to spread. “It’s going to be vegan!” “It’s an upscale trendy place!” “A food truck!” “A beer hall!” “A hot sandwich counter!” and then the day comes, it's open!  We see people posting photos of the food, we keep driving by and chatting about it. The word begins to spread on the playground, your friends have gone and liked it. Recommendations are popping up on the neighbourhood Facebook page and then BOOM, it hits you. You drive by again, and it’s gone, the paper is back and the sign is down and a sinking feeling hits you from your heart down to your stomach as your brain begins to recall how many Spicy Perogy Pizzas you ate in the last 6 months because you have the BP. Kids Eat Free Card.  That family needed you, they needed you to survive, they worked around the clock designing, getting permits, watching their outstretched budget get thinner and thinner, they even bought balloons they couldn’t afford to put outside on opening day… Where were you? Two booths down from us, the small business owners who spend Monday nights getting the kids from school to swimming to fast free dinner at BP in hopes that we have enough time to make it to our 7pm workout class. It’s time for us to consider them, support them and protect them, right now more than ever they are asking, Where are you?  So, next time you decide you’re going to dial a number for a quick fix dinner, we hope you consider the future of our neighbours and their dreams.

Jude & Peter, husband & wife owners of Ottawa Street’s Poke Co. are feeling the pressure of the shutdowns. Their vibrant and oh so cool dining room, home to brightly coloured wall paper and six adorable two seater tables has closed. No one is snacking on their bins of free sour candies that span across their counters. None of the usual back and forth we hear from our two top, when a customer pops in on his lunch break to grab a bowl, as Jude greets him by name and he tells her about his morning, while Peter pieces together the desired bowl of fresh deconstructed sushi with precision, in his distressed Hamilton Tiger Cats T-Shirt.  Now, you are home folding another load of laundry, as you shake out and begin to corner your own Hamiltonian Tee, Peter is wondering how much longer he can put his on and go into work. It’s time now, more than ever to support people like Jude & Peter. For Poke Co. sales in, and bowls out is a daily mantra and we can help. We don’t need to drive down our main streets and see papered windows after this, we’ve all been going through enough. So, next time you consider eating out, or supporting a small business, call the Judes’ of Hamilton. Call them from you home, or from right outside the door of 193 Ottawa St. N. Give a wave through the window, tell them what you’d like, and while you wait for them to bring it 6 feet from you on the sidewalk, shoot them an E-Transfer and keep in mind… they’ve also had to close their tip jar, so throw a bone in with it if your heart is feeling extra helpful.  In true Hamiltonian form, Jude & Peter don’t want to be the only ones, they don’t want their friends to struggle and our small business owners are supporting other small business owners more than ever before. Jude insisted her friends don’t get left behind when the smoke clears, including and not limited to Merk Snack Bar, Simply Zen, City and the City Books, The Cannon, Hammerheads.  We know Metro, Fresh Co & No Frills have everything you need, but if it’s social distancing and good food you're after, why not go to our community’s front line, their future is in our hands and we don’t need anymore papered up small businesses around here.  If you are reading from outside Crown Point, it’s as simple as inserting your Jelly Bro’s neighbourhood name in its place. Support the ones who need you now.

To order street side pick up from Jude & Peter call 289-389-6653, tell them RPS.Co sent you!

Merk Snack Bar: 905-869-9159

The Cannon: 289-700-0088